Video 1 What is Binary Option(Starfishfx Philippines)

I Made this video to simply give you a clear Overview what is binary option. Tagalog po eto para sa ating mga kababayang pilipino. Watch out for more videos.

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OK… first off I am going to disable comments on this video because I don’t want the binary options spammers (and scammers) to have a place to spread their LIES!!!!

There are only about three binary options houses registered to operate in the USA… that means all others are potential scammers!!!! Here is an excerpt from the CFTC….

“It is illegal for entities to solicit, accept offers, offer to or enter into commodity options transactions (for example, foreign currencies, metals such as gold and silver, and agricultural products such as wheat or corn) with U.S. citizens, unless those options transactions are conducted on a designated contract market, an exempt board of trade, or a bona fide foreign board of trade, or are conducted with U.S. customers who have a net worth that exceeds million.

To see the most recent list of exchanges that are designated as contract markets, check the CFTC website. There currently are only three designated contract markets offering binary options in the U.S.: Cantor Exchange LP; Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Inc.; and the North American Derivatives Exchange, Inc. All other entities offering binary options that are commodity options transactions are doing so illegally.

Further entities that solicit or accept orders for commodity options transactions and accept, among other things, money to margin, guarantee, or secure the commodity options transactions must register as a Futures Commission Merchant. Entities that act as the counterparty (that is, they take the other side of the transaction from the customer as opposed to matching orders) for foreign currency options transactions for customers with a net worth of less than million must register as a Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer.

Because of their lack of compliance with applicable laws, if you purchase binary options offered by persons or entities that are not registered with or subject to the oversight of a U.S. regulator, you may not have the full benefit of the safeguards of the federal securities and commodities laws that have been put in place to protect investors, as some safeguards and remedies are available only in the context of registered offerings. In addition, individual investors may not be able to pursue, on their own, some remedies that are available for unregistered offerings.

Final Words

• Remember—much of the binary options market operates through Internet-based trading platforms that are not necessarily complying with applicable U.S. regulatory requirements and may be engaging in illegal activity.

• Do not invest in something that you do not understand. If you cannot explain the investment opportunity in a few words and in an understandable way, you may need to reconsider the potential investment.

• Before investing in binary options, you should take the following precautions:

1. Check to see if the binary options trading platform has registered the offer and sale of the product with the SEC. Registration provides investors access to key information about the terms of the product being offered. You can use EDGAR to determine whether an issuer has registered the offer and sale of a particular product with the SEC.

2. Check to see if the binary options trading platform itself is registered as an exchange. To determine whether the platform is registered as an exchange, you can check the SEC’s website regarding Exchanges.

3. Check to see if the binary options trading platform is a designated contract market. To determine whether an entity is a designated contract market, you can check the CFTC’s website.

• Finally, before investing, use FINRA’s BrokerCheck and the National Futures Association’s Background Affiliation Status Information Center (BASIC) to check the registration status and background of any firm or financial professional that you are considering. If you cannot verify that they are registered, don’t trade with them, don’t give them any money, and don’t share your personal information with them.”

Got that??? You IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know this sounds like an easy way to make a million dollars in 90 days but that’s an OBVIOUS SCAM!!!!

If you REALLY want to make big money on demand you’re going to have to get EDUCATED about a few things and stop going after false promises of easy money.

Maximum respect my friends and all the best of life,

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